Tech Tips, Hopups & Bling
B4, T4, B44 How to build & improve AE shocks 25.8.2008
B44 Fitting Durango gear diffs in a B44 06.04.2010
X-6 X-6 anti-squat carbon shims 22.02.2007
X-6 Modified Wing Mount 03.03.2008
X-6 X-6 anodized motor plate. EUR 30 incl. shipping. Contact "Deuv" 21.07.2008
X-6 Fitting the DMS LiPo brace - which you can buy here 02.01.2009
X-6 Body mounting without velcro 02.01.2009
X-6 E Speed Hangars modification - which you can buy here 02.01.2009
X-6, S2, B4 K-Factory Carbon front shock tower and alu mounts 14.05.2008
X-6, S2, B4 KF1512 Carbon fibre front shock tower with alloy mount - blue or silver 15.05.2008
X-6, S2, (B4) Team Losi shocks for 2WD 30.07.2008
X-6, S2, B4, T4 Alu Graphite Front Bulkhead (ebay seller Hi~iQ Telecom Ltd) 14.05.2008
X-6, S2, B4, T4 Fitting a SC10 gear diff in a B4 06.04.2010
X-6, S2, B4, T4, B44 RS27 Rayspeed Blue aluminium rear hub carriers, 0 degree 14.05.2008
X-5 Adding belt rollers to reduce belt skip 10.03.2005
X-5  Better looking battery rubber strap / or replacement Schumacher straps 12.02.2007 
X-5 Neat Wiring 18.02.2006
X-5  Belt tunnell modification 12.02.2007
X-5 Dust & water proofing the drivetrain 12.02.2007
X-5  Alternate Body for the X-5  13.02.2007 
X-5 & XX4 I&Q Breakaway arms modification 17.04.2007
X-5 & XX4 XXX-CR diff in the X-5 or XX4  15.06.2007
X-5 & XX4  Rear hinge pin modification  12.02.2007 
X-5 & XX4  Shock tower carbon reinforcement - you need ES005 and ES004 14.01.2009 
X-5 & XX4  Rear Shocktower Camberlink Brace - you need ES003 14.01.2009 
X-5 & XX4  Steering Rack Upgrade - you need ES006 14.01.2009 
X-5 & XX4  Lesro one-way fitting   12.02.2007 
X-5 & XX4 Installing a low-profile servo 30.03.2007
X-5 & XX4 Countersinking 12.02.2007
X-5 & XX4 Fitting a front swaybar 14.01.2007
X-5 & XX4 Steering bellcrank reinforcement 14.05.08
X-5 & B4 Battery layout/wiring/soldering to fit both the X-5 and AE B4 29.03.2007
X-5 / general Slipper modification 03.07.2007
XX4 (& X-5) Fitting the E-Speed steering rack to the XX4 27.08.2008
XX4 Belt cover modification - for easier mantenance & repair 28.02.2010
XX4 The best XX4 mods on this planet (all home made by Olivier "The Brain" Langlet) 21.02.2011
XX4 Replacement kevlar belts by Toughracing 12.06.2012
XX4 Belt roller for the middle belt mod (can be ordered incl. middle belt) 15.06.2012
XXX-CR & CR2 How to increase the wheelbase in the front by using XX4 parts 17.20.2011
All Losi RPM damper tool 30.07.2008
DEX410 How to properly shim the gearboxes - Team Durango guide 27.09.2011
Diverse cars Ghea Tuning Parts 30.04.2010
Diverse cars Rude Bits Tuning Parts (mostly brass weights) 30.04.2010
Diverse cars Diggity Designs Tuning Parts (mostly carbon stuff) 30.04.2010
Diverse cars Xtreme Racing Tuning Parts (mostly carbon stuff) 30.04.2010
Diverse cars TrishBits Tuning Parts 30.04.2010
Diverse cars Avid RC (cab forward shells & other stuff) 26.09.2011
Diverse cars Penguin repro bodyshells for new & vintage cars 14.03.2014
General  Dirt covers for shocks (I&Q and others) 16.04.2007 
General  Ball cups tips   17.04.2007 
General  Dust & water Proofing  24.04.2007 
General How to balance the wheels/tires 14.03.2007
General "Whities" O-ring seals for shocks 15.05.2008
General Tapered outdrive springs, when using one-way in the front 18.03.2008
General Tech Notes A4-size (pistons, springs, gearing etc) 07.09.2010
General How to properly build / rebuild dampers (Jilles Groskamp) 16.07.09
General How to properly rebuild a ball differential (Jilles Groskamp) 29.07.09
General Model Fixings - screws & other hardware in general 28.10.2010
General Nor Tech UK - stainless screws etc & "whities" O-rings for shocks 28.10.2010
General How to dye RC rims 15.02.20100
General Silicone wire with Futaba connectors 26.09.2011
General Secrets Of Speed - custom CND'ed parts "tailor made" 14.03.2014
Most cars Making more secure driveaxles 27.08.2008
Most cars LiPo battery fitting / kits & custom solutions 15.08.2008
Most cars Lead LiPo weights 30.12.2008
Most cars Slick-7 Lead LiPo weights with adhesive backing (Ken-O Racing on ebay) 30.12.2008
Most cars B-Fast ball bearing upgrades (machined plates, caged thrust bearings etc) 15.02.2011
All cars Gearchart.COM - makes rollout tables that you can print 30.10.2008
All cars Grenit RC AudioTimer 30.04.2010
All cars D-Drive Sports: F1 stickers & parts for new & vintage 04.11.2010
Hot/Super Shot Modified steering 03.02.2011
SRB Sand Scorcher / Rough Rider mock up engine 04.11.2010
Dyna Storm Origineelreclamebord's 3D printed parts 12.02.2014
Vintage cars JC Racing Products - makes oldies' wheels 16.10.2017
Vintage cars Marwan - makes relicas of oldies' bodyshells, stickers and other stuff 30.04.2010
Vintage cars Vintage Autographics stickers 30.04.2010
Vintage cars Jason's Store - enormous supply of vintage parts (jr-rc/Japan) 30.04.2010
Vintage cars Vintagecorp - sells vintage used & new cars 30.04.2010
Vintage cars Kamtec Models - makes replicas of old bodyshells 30.04.2010
Vintage cars Team CRP - vintage hopup parts 30.04.2010
Vintage cars Pargu 2000 - fantastic custom alu wheels & other stuff (for instance Dyna Storm) 12.02.2014
Vintage cars eBay - you can search for anything vintage here, and probably find it! 30.04.2010
Vintage cars Low Class - tons of old manuals and setups 04.05.2010
Vintage cars Team Bluegroove - repro bodies and vintage parts 12.05.2010
Vintage cars RadShape - cool custom alu parts for vintage cars 08.09.2010
Vintage cars RC Channel - custom alu parts, for instance a bump steer eliminator kit for the Hotshot 09.09.2010
Vintage cars Nimrod/R-Design - custom vintage racing parts (mostly Dyna Storm) - out of business 12.02.2014
Vintage cars Vintage Tamiya Parts 09.09.2010
Vintage cars ModelBuild UK - vintage Tamiya parts 13.09.2010
Vintage cars Vintage repro decals from PandaGFX 28.09.2010
Vintage cars RC Lohas - vintage hop up parts, much based on the "Hot Trick" from the 80s 21.10.2010
Vintage cars Synchro CRC - vintage hop up parts 22.10.2010
Vintage cars Tamiyoman - vintage repro decals 27.10.2010
Vintage cars Vintage Kyosho Parts 27.10.2010
Vintage cars Jim's toys and hobbies - vintage parts (jsourbeck/US) 28.10.2010
Vintage cars Repro decals from ScreenPrintDigital 04.11.2010
Vintage cars RC4WD - vintage parts (box art etc) 08.11.2010
Vintage cars Bermudez Custom Designs - custom rollcages/chassis for vintage cars 13.02.2014
Vintage cars Reproduction XX front bulkhead - webshop OLDRC.COM 25.02.2014
Vintage cars Jun Fac - diverse option parts - for Grasshopper, Frog etc 25.02.2014
Vintage Losi cars - manuals +++ 25.02.2014
Vintage cars Custom driver heads, painted or unpainted - Frequeskinz 01.01.2014
Vintage carsTQ Racing - excellent decals (lots of F1), great service & price!16.12.2015
Vintage cars0.01 Shop on ebay - lots of F1 decals - very easy to put on!29.12.2016
Vintage carsF1 RC Lab - lots of decals, also F129.12.2016
Vintage carsMCI - you can make even your own custom decals!09.08.2017
Vintage carsSchumacher CAT2000 wheels (original)26.10.2017
Vintage carsVintage Schumacher spares (and other brands)05.03.2018
Vintage cars"New" vintage spares and upgrades - Muzzom Models07.01.2020

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