E Speed Hangars Modification for the X-6

As standard the holes in the E Speed Hangars are 3,1 mm while the fastening screws are 2,8 mm (approx - all is imperial sizes). This causes the hangars to move around a little. Now, you can fix some of this by using countersunk screws in stead of cap head screws. However, as you can see on the picture below there's not enough room for two of them:

We therefore simply put them in the drill, and use a file to shave off some. Reduce the head diameter from 5,7 mm to approx. 4,5 mm.
(Preferably use longer screws, so you can also put a securing small nut on the underside)

Finished. The sunk heads keep the hangars perfectly in place, without the screws coming into conflict with each other.

Good luck!

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Last updated 2. January 2008