How to dye your RC rims with excellent results!

This is very easy to do!

This is what you need:
-Nylon color dye and salt
-And old cooking pot
-Plastic gloves
-Wife away

Myself I used Herdins Textile Colour Multifibre, which also works for nylon (which our RC rims are made from). You also need salt in order to make it stick. I used all of it, to get as intense a colour as possible. I bought the stuff at Clas Ohlson in Oslo, but many other shops sell it. Plus other brands of course, just make sure you buy one that can dye nylon!

Now, put all of it plus water into an old pot. And bring it up to boiling temperature. Make sure you never go away so you don't boil over the whole stove! Wear one-time-use protective gloves, so you don't dye your fingers as well! Pliers are useful for taking the wheels up from the pot (they get hot!). Leve them to dry on newspaper. Repeat the process if the colors aren't strong enough.

As to results, of course the result gets better the lighter the initial colour is (white is best), but you never know - so just give it a try! Different brands have slightly different plastic, so the results do vary!

When done & the stuff is cold, carefully pour it into an old soda bottle and store for future use. Make sure you store it in a safe place, out of children's reach! And label it with "poison"!

When the wheels have cooled down, give them a wash to remove any excess dye.

You CAN also put this stuff + rims into the washing machine, but it has several drawbacks:
-you get a much lighter colour
-the rims get damages/scrub
-you cannot re-use the colour
-the washing machine gets dirty inside
(so if you do, rinse it afterwards WITHOUT clothes!)

Note! I've only myself tested with newer wheels from AE, Losi, Kyosho and Tamiya - all of which are proper nylon, and it works very well! If you have some vintage stuff, do a test before you potentially damage all your wheels!

The result >> badass! :-)

Good luck!

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Last updated 15. february 2011