LiPo fitting

Team Associated B4

As you can see the Team Orion 4800 stickpack LiPo fits just perfectly into the B4. No modifications necessary.

The hardcased Yeah Racing 3200 mAh LiPo stickpack also fits perfectly, and is very low priced. They have "nubs" on the underside, which make them stay very well in place in cars that are prepared for 6 cells in a row configurations (for example Kyosho Lazer ZX5).

LiPo stickpacks also fit retro cars like the HotShot, Frog etc.

Here is a B4 with a Trakpower 4800 saddle fitted. To make it fit all you have to do is raise (maybe also longer ones) the thumb
screw grub screws. The battery brace fits in the rear shock tower (on top, not under as with NiMH) and luckily locks the rear
of the cells in place. Thanks to Mark Christopher for pics & explanation.

Team Associated T4

This is a TrakPower 4800 saddle fitted in a T4. It's best to use the rear mounts. You can use a pair of long screws and washers to keep the brace well in place.

You can also replace the original hex screws with longer ones and fix them to the thumb screws with Locktite. Longer hex screws is the best option though.

Team Losi XXX-CR

A Trakpower 3200 saddle fits witout problems in a Team Losi XXX-CR. Thanks to Ashley for pics.

X-Factory X-6

The Team Orion 4800 stickpack LiPo fits just perfectly into the X-6 as well. No modifications necessary.
You just need to flip the battery brace upside down (it's designed for this).

A TrakPower 4800 saddle pack does seem a bit too large for the X-6. At least you would
have to do a lot of modifications in order to make it fit under the shell. But as to width if fits perfectly.

Here we see Brian Kinwalds solution. He has made his own carbon brace, mainly because he has moved the ESC to the centre.

This is the DMS LiPo battery mount. See full details here.

Team Associated B44 / J Concepts BJ4 / Hot Bodies D4

This is a TrakPower 4800 mAh saddle LiPo. It CAN be fitted with some home made modifications:
Longer bottom screws, flip the hold down braces upside down. And you'd better put something between
the cells under the rear centre axle shaft, so they can't get in contact with the shaft.

This is Diggity Designs converstion kit for LiPo fitting. It's higly recommended!

If the connections & wires get too close to the body, move them to the inner side and dremel away a little bit of material (marked red).
As you can see you can also re-solder the TrakPower balance port connection in order to lower it.

Note! I did not test on the BJ4 or D4, but being so similar to the B44 I assume it's viable for those as well.

Hot Bodies D4
Here we see Trakpower 3200 saddle packs mounted in a D4. Plenty of room. But they will not be held in place sideways.

This is with a carbon battery brace from Fibre Lyte (UK).

As we can see it does hold the batteriers in place sideways. I'm not sure how it holds it in place on the inside though, but I guess they've thought of that. It's supposed to be a direct fit without modifications. Thanks to Mark Christoper for pics.

X-Factory X-5

This is Brian Kinwalds car. It looks as he has fastened a weight plate to the chassis. And then secures the LiPo battery to the weight plate with tape. Notice that the ESC is moved to the rear left side for better weight balance.

Team Losi XX4
Here I've used the Diggity Designs LiPo kit for the B44 in order to fit in TrakPower 4800 saddles.
You need to do some modifications but it's not too difficult.

First you need to dremel away the body/battery posts and the mounting plate for the receiver. Then check the battery brace for fit, make sure it lies flat on the chassis (not up on the curved part). Then mark & drill holes for the posts.

The holes on the underside must be countersinked.

As you see there is room for leaving some of the receiver mounting plate intact. This may be wise in order for it to stay in place. We also see that there is room for lead stripes on the sides of the tunnell in case we wish to add more weight.

Notice that the hold down brace on the right side may come in conflict with the servo. But if you use a low profile servo
and lower the servo mount this is no problem. You may also shave off the brace some.

This is the complete assembly, which fit perfectly under the bodyshell.

Since the original bodymounts are gone you can make a mono bodymount fixed to the rear tower.

Here we see a Team Orion 4800 stickpack fitted to a XX4, so that's also a possible solution. Notice that all electronics are moved to the right side for better weight balance (besides there's nowhere else to put it :-)

Tamiya 501X

Here's a link to a good solution for the 501X

TTech Predator X12

Here we see a TrakPower stickpack fitted to an X12.

According to reliable sources the Trakpower 3200 saddle is not suited for 4WD as the amp draw is a bit too high. The batteries will therefore get hot and you will have less power. It's perfectly well suited for 2WD though.

Good deals:

Battery make / spec Price
Yeah Racing 3200 mAh LiPo stickpack hardcased USD 35

Smart Stuff:
Demon DL1 LiPo Battery Locators

These are graphite blanks that can be superglued or taped to the bottom of a LiPo battery. They fit into
chassis slots and prevent the LiPo from sliding around. Size: 43.0 x 11.5 x 2.3 mm. Set of 6.

Anti-skid mat
You may place a piece of ant-slip mat cut to size under the LiPo and in between the LiPo and the battery brace (tip by Sparrow).

Lead weight
You can put some lead weight under the middle driveshaft which will balance the car
out and also stop the LiPo coming too close to the shaft (tip by Sparrow).

"Frogger" on oOple sells some lead weigh plates pre-cut.

Here's a PDF with some LiPo dimensions for 2008 ROAR approved packs

List of ROAR approved packs

Some LiPo "News"

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Last updated 2. January 2009