Fitting the DMS LiPo brace on the X-6

You can buy this übercool brace here

First drill a 2,5 mm hole in the center, then use 28 mm long 4-40 screws (measured with the head).
Screw then in until there is 36,5mm from top of the screw down to the chassis, as seen in the above picture.

Use AE thumbscrews. Tread these on BEFORE cutting off the head of the screw with a Dremel with a cutting disc (wear goggles!).
When you crew them back off you ensure that the threads are smooth on the end. You can add 14,5 mm of fuel tubing for looks.
Finally countersink the holes in the brace a little, so that the thumbscrews fit snuggly.

Good luck!

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Last updated 2. January 2008