Fitting the E-Speed steering rack in the Losi XX4

You can read more about this adjustment on oOples forum. I got the instructions from "U.S.Cat3K" on the forum there.

OK, so the main problem is marked with a red circle here. The chassis of the XX4 differs from the X5, and has some material in the way.
It would not be wise to dremel that away and weaken the chassis.

So we shorten the thick part of the rack brass bushings from 4,8mm down to 3,2mm.

Also we dremel away some of the front material of the carbon steering rack.

I also took off a tiny bit of the edges of the chassis, as I did not want to dremel off more from the steering rack.

Make sure you use screws that are EXACTLY the correct lenght. You may dremel them down in order to do this.

Mine were too long, so I tried with a shim... bad idea. It then gets in contact with the lower belt tunnel. It's better to dremel them shorter.

Put short neck ballstuds on the upper side of the steering rack, and maybe also secure it with a very small nut (flat) and Loctite.

Finally to take away bump steer you add 1-2 shims on the outer rod ends. I ended up using 3 (= 2,5mm).
There is still bump steer (inwards), but that's very little.
(This is the same for the X-5)

Good luck!

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Last updated 27. August 2008